Sandra Marcelloni was born in Lima, Peru in 1973.

She is daughter of Italians . From an early age, she became passionate to the magic world of colors and forms that the countries of South America offered to her .

After eleven years of South American’s life, her family moved to Milan. There,she studied at the Ursuline’s Art School and later on she graduated as a designer at the Art Institute “The Ateneo” in Milan.

After such experiences, she was moving in Fano on the year 1994 . In addition, she worked as a graphic designer for advertising studies in Fano . During her spare time and leisure hours , she was able to develop her skills and her passions. Consequently, she acquired more capabilities on art and on decoration . Those “creative meals ” were able to feed her in the early youth .

In the year 2003 , she decided to transform her heat of passion into a job . Consequently, she took a courageous decision. It means to work by her own and to open her own studio. Therefore, she creates works in which transmits the acquired artistic baggage from her travels.

She began to expose her works in 2006 among collective and personal items. In addition on 2008 , she joined the historical artistic group Fano “Accolta dei Quindici” which it was created in the year 1946.

Furthermore, she won first prize in the competition of “Venetian Masks of author” in the year 2009 and in the same year she met the well-known American artist Narada Michael Walden. In addition, Mr. Walden placed an order of two (2) masks that became part of the private collection of Mr. Sting who is a British singer . We can affirm that the year 2009 it can be considered the beginning of her career ; therefore, she became well known in the contemporary art market. She found fundamental for her artistic career the study and the development of “the sculptures on canvas”. That generates various topics , first and foremost, the “Greek Mythology” and “Glances”. Those themes impose themselves with their enigmatic and elegant sculptural presence. She claims continuous research and use of natural materials in respect to the environment. That is why her art becomes friend of the Nature . It is due to her deep respect of it.

In January 2015, the artist was inserted into the volume of the History of Art “Between tradition and innovation – European artists that should not be forgotten” by Prof. Rosario Pinto of the University of Naples. This volume is present in the Thomas J. Watson Library of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

Another important thing is that on December 2015 , she went to the Vatican City in order to have a meeting with Pope Bergoglio . During such marvelous opportunity she brought a gift to His Holiness her last work named “Christ”.

In addition, on January 2016,

Ente Carnevalesca Fano ( Carnival Authority of Fano) has submitted to create some masks that should represent the traditional costumes of the oldest carnival in Italy.

Even nowadays, the artist still researches shapes and colors which she loves to melt the different cultures’ worlds . Such combination is enhancing the design and the elegance of the great Italian tradition interlaced with the exuberance and the warmth of the Peruvian culture. It is because as the artist says:

“My creativity begins where the borders finish “.